Mary Margaret Alvarado
My Stoner's Laundry photo essay is on the radio, over at The Big Something.
"Nocturne" is now bolted to a wall courtesy of Ridgway's Alley Poetry Project, in the pretty Uncompahgre Valley. Thanks!
I'm co-curating Mountain Fold Book's inaugural reading series. The other night a number of young deaf poets performed work in ASL, without English translation. As Marina Eckler said, it was "absolutely radiant." Read our event schedule here:
I'm pleased as punch to be a part of this. You're looking good, Mountain Fold Books.
I'm humbled and honored to be included here. I've found so many poems I love on this site.
"Dear Joshua" is up at Wag's Revue. "A lot of talk's / plain scarred song."
Some notes on motherhood and writing:
An excerpt from points 121-22 made their way over to "The Short Form," a most beautifully designed site. Look at that type!
In Defense of the Dumb Phone, part the second, in which I try to call your bot: